Claudia Fernandez

Billing Manager


Hometown: Galveston, Texas
Education: Associates of Medical Office Administration
Years of Experience: 9+ years

My medical background began in 2010 as a Pharmacy Technician which then proceeded to Medical Billing and Coding.  I became a part of the Tyvan Medical Billing and Coding family in 2015.  Since this time, I have worked my way from Medical Collector Specialist to Billing Manager.  I have experience in the Medical Billing and Coding industry for Cardiology, Gynecology, Sleep Study, Free Standing Emergency Centers and Micro Hospitals.  I am a talented, ambitious and competitive individual who will always strive to succeed.  I have a passion for helping others as well as seeing them achieve their goal.  I am pleased to be a part of an outstanding company who allows me to utilize my medical administration skills as well as having the opportunity to manage a great team.  I can confidently state we are the best at what we do.