Denise Pufal

Denise Pufal


Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Education: University of Texas - El Paso, Bachelor of Business Administration: Accounting
Years of Experience: 30+ 

Denise brings over 30 years of progressive career experience having helped create and ensure the financial stability and well being of a full spectrum of healthcare operations — from start-ups to billion-dollar institutions.

She takes great pride in applying her Healthcare expertise. Her command of industry-specific financial accounting, business improvement processes and organizational change along with operational analytics and key performance indicators has consistently resulted in improved operational performance that directly empowers enhanced patient care.

She enjoys the spirit and joy of people and loves the enriching fulfilment of engaging in special community and philanthropic projects.

Denise has two children. Amber, a graduate of University of Texas with an architecture degree, is 26.  Colton, a graduate of Texas State University with a degree in Marketing, is 25. They both reside in Austin.

Denise enjoys spending time with family, entertaining friends and enjoys a brisk 4 mile walk 5-6 times a week.