Eboni Lundy

Coding Manager

Hometown: Snyder, Texas
Education: Texas Southern University, Remington College – Medical Billing and Coding with a concentration in inpatient services now, American Academy of Professional Coders, AAPC (Currently Enrolled) --Certified Professional Coder
Years of Experience: 5+

Eboni began her career in medical administration as a desk admin and biller at a family practice. She began working with Nutex Health in 2015 as a coder, and has sense become a proud member of Nutex Health's management staff. Eboni has experiencing in outpatient and inpatient claims, chart auditing, education billing, coding, and documentation. She has been a dedicated Tyvan employee who is always researching new standards in the medical world. She believes that a good education and hard work are the pillars of success, as proven by Eboni's journey from a front desk position to Coding Manager.