Elise Beaty

Marketing Manager

Hometown: Champaign, Illinois
Education: Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
Years of Experience: 5+

Elise’s experience in both the hospitality and healthcare fields prepared her to take on the lead marketing role at Nutex Health. Her mission is to provide the best customer service while creating the most effective marketing solutions. Previously, Elise served as the lead member of the Community Outreach team for another major healthcare company. This insight into the local level of marketing is echoed in her approach to each marketing strategy she helps put into place. Never one for a “cookie cutter” solution, Elise works with her team of seasoned marketing professionals to provide unique marketing strategies for each location.

Reputation Management is also one of her passions and is evident in the consistent 5-star ratings of the facilities she works with. Through her work at Nutex Health, Elise strives to create positive relations within each facilities’ community.