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Flood & Storm Safety Tips

Tropical Storm Harvey, recently downgraded from a hurricane, has dumped multiple feet of rain through multiple cities in Texas. In some areas, including central Houston, Humble, Rockport and Dickinson, flooding has reached over 8 feet.

At Nutex Health, our first priority is always the safety and health of our communities. Read these emergency tips for flooding.


1. Always follow the recommendations of official organizations.

If your subdivision has been issued an evacuation recommendation, leave as soon as possible. Take only important documents and essentials.

2. Never drive or attempt to swim across flooded areas.

Water can be deceptively deep and your car can become stuck. Downed power lines may also be concealed beneath the water, which can cause serious, life-threatening electrocution.

3. If your house is flooded, move to the second floor or roof.

Don’t stay on the first floor.

4. If there’s rising water in your house that’s approaching outlets, immediately turn the power off.

5. Only use 911 if you’re in a life-threatening emergency.

During natural disasters, these numbers are overloaded. Call 311 if you’re within the Houston area or 211 if you’re outside the Houston area for non-urgent emergencies or information.


Most importantly, don’t take unnecessary risks. If your subdivision is not under an evacuation, mandatory or recommended, stay inside. From our team to your family, stay safe.

For more resources on Tropical Storm Harvey and for live updates, check out these links: