Jose Loredo, Jr.

Billing Manager

Hometown: Houston, TX
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and Anthropology, Baylor University.
Years of experience: 16+ years

Jose Loredo is a medical business professional with over 16 years of healthcare experience on clinical, business, and interpersonal networks. His experience and education are specialized in medical billing/coding, internal chart audit reviews, revenue administration, and Insurance/Medicare/Medicaid revenue cycles. In addition to this, Jose is highly skilled in general IT, talent training and performance, clinical management, which he brings to Tyvan Billing every day. Jose is a skilled team leader and provides internal and external clients with superior customer service. He offers a unique grasp of a strong practice administration by taking account professional and business experience, with perspectives from patient, staff, provider, and IT point of views. Jose utilizes that knowledge to communicate well with staff, providers, and patients to ensure a positive, efficient, productive clinic workflow and experience for all parties.