We created Austin Emergency Center (AEC) to bring concierge-level, quality emergency care to the local community.

Our patients enjoy the ambiance and aesthetics of a high-end private practice, followed by an evaluation by an experienced, emergency room physician, within minutes of entry to our facilities. We offer fast, concierge-level care, when minutes count.

“While unpacking, sliced the palm of my hand open pretty deeply with a pocket knife. My girlfriend took me to the urgent care clinic up the road and we ended up leaving fed up with waiting and waiting while my hand was steadily bleeding and looking worse. So we ventured to Austin Emergency Center and were pleasantly surprised to be taken back immediately (at an ER!?) and see a doctor.What was also awesome was that they did not put stitches in my hand. I specifically asked them to avoid putting stitches in. As painful as the cleaning and gluing process was, my hand was put back together and I don’t even have a scar now!”

– Jake Eichorn / Austin TX

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