We created Golden Triangle Emergency Center (GTEC) to bring concierge-level, quality emergency care to the local community.

Our patients enjoy the ambience and personal attention of a high-end private practice. Within minutes of entering GTEC, you will receive an evaluation by an experienced, emergency room physician. We offer fast, concierge-level care when minutes count.

Come experience “The Gold Standard in Emergency Care”.

“I went to GTEC in Port Arthur because I was having chest pain. The staff there was awesome. I had no waiting period, they put me in a room and help me in the bed. Nurses got my vital signs and Dr. Konjoyan came in and got some more medical history. To make a long story short, it was determined that I needed to be admitted to the hospital. While I was waiting on a bed at the hospital, all the staff continued to check on me. I even got to eat a meal from Cheddars that they provided to me. They were in touch with my family physician and made me feel comfortable at all times. When I arrived at hospital there were 6 ambulances in front of me but because of Dr. Konjoyan talking to my family physician. I was what you call a “direct admit” and I went straight to my room at the hospital. I am so appreciative to all the staff at GTEC in Port Arthur because the next day at hospital, I had to have a lifesaving procedure related to my heart. I would highly recommend GTEC in Port Arthur to everyone.”

– Jeanne Martin / Beaumont TX

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