STAT Emergency Center of Laredo is a licensed freestanding emergency room in Laredo that seeks to bring concierge-level and quality emergency care to the local community.

Patients will enjoy the ambiance of a luxurious waiting room, followed with an evaluation by an experienced emergency room physician within minutes of entry to our facility.

“Trusted For Our Experience, Chosen For Our Care”
“One of the scariest things a father can go through is seeing your son sick. We took our son to Stat Laredo because I remembered my personal experience there. I’ve gone to other “24 hour emergency rooms” and their service does not even compare to Stat Laredo. The one thing that stood out is that almost every nurse came to our room to check on my son. As a parent, things like that in a stressful and worrying time make you comfortable and gives you piece of mind! Thank you Stat Laredo for taking care of me and especially my son!”

– Albert Gomez / Laredo TX

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