What do we specialize in?

Nutex Health is the premier innovative service provider in the emergency care industry. We don’t just offer competency – our specialists provide unparalleled expertise with the knowledge to make your vision a reality. You can trust Nutex Health to deliver a turn-key process from real estate acquisition, design, and development of the ER facility to staffing, training, and operations.

Research & Acquisition

Nutex Health will collaborate with you to determine the most strategic location to build your emergency facility. Our team has decades of experience in micro-hospitals, stand-alone ERs, and outpatient departments. This gives us the advantage in predicting the viability and success of future emergency facilities.

Design & Development

From blueprints to completion, Nutex Health has the expertise to tackle any emergency health project. Our group of specialists work together to design within your practical needs and build considering longevity with a focus on concierge-level care. We also offer, but are not limited to:

Private exam rooms that will maximize the comfort of patients
Zones for physicians to interact and collaborate
An efficient & functional design that supports physician & staff workflow
Optimization of door-to-doc time
24 hour observation capability
Comfortable and spacious waiting room

Human Resources & Training

Our philosophy is simple — when our employees are happy, our patients are happy. We recruit highly qualified professionals who are diligent, possess a positive attitude and an unwavering commitment to providing top quality care to patients. We only place highly skilled, motivated healthcare professionals and administrative support staff such as:

  • Board Certified Emergency Physicians

  • Emergency Room Trained Physicians

Clinical Staff
  • Registered Nurses (RNs)
    -Emergency Room Experienced

  • Radiological Technologists

  • EMT- Paramedics

  • Pharmacists

  • Laboratory Technicians

Ancillary Staff
  • Administrative Staff

  • Admissions Representatives

  • Facility Administrator

Practice Management
  • Medical Director

  • Director of Operations

  • Director of Nursing

  • Director of Marketing

Licensing & Accreditation

All of our facilities prioritize safety for the physicians and staff and for patients. Our teams ensure their emergency departments are COLA and CLIA certified, a testament to our dedication to the highest standards in emergency medical care.



At Nutex Health, our aim is for your emergency care facility to lead in the community you serve. Our services are designed to cut costs, optimize operations, advance marketing and branding, and much more. Nutex Health can also manage medical billing, day-to-day finance and accounting, Human Resources, and IT. With our powerful resources and top-notch medical care, Nutex Health provides a product that has been successfully proven to outperform competitors of this market. Our wealth of knowledge and seamless operational management gives you the competitive edge necessary to dominate your market.

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