Who Are Freestanding Emergency Centers Actually Helping?

Nutex Health began with a simple mission.

We wanted to bring high quality, quick, concierge-level care to communities. This idea remains the driving force behind Nutex Health as we expand across the state, providing invaluable resources to underserved and rural areas.Our business model is built on the bedrock principle of community – this means that we construct freestanding emergency centers based on need, not the affluence of certain areas.

So then why does it seem like these emergency centers only serve the already wealthy or heavily populated areas?

Profitability Versus Need

Nutex Health leads the industry with a different business model where profitability does not influence our values. We build with a focus on community need and accessibility.

Our facilities are staffed and operated by long-time members of the community who are immeasurably invested into the health of their community. This also allows us to continually innovate with patients in mind.

Federal Insurance Plans

All Texas freestanding emergency facilities are prohibited by law from accepting Medicare, Medicaid, CHIPS other federally funded insurance plans. This isn’t a decision made by our facilities and is enforced by the government. In fact, our corporate team has been working diligently to make it so that we can accept governmental plans.

We believe every person who walks through our doors is deserving of prompt, high quality emergency services. This means that regardless of ability to pay, no patient with emergent symptoms will ever be refused care at one of our centers.


Emergency medical care can be expensive, no matter if you’re going to a hospital or a freestanding facility. Our facilities work in conjunction with our medical coders and billers to ensure patients never pay more than necessary and combat the predatory actions of some insurance carriers. It’s important to remember that patients are still responsible for their in-network co-pay, but we will never balance bill our patients.

Texas is one of the few states where freestanding emergency centers are legal, although they’re still not recognized by federal insurance programs. If you’re covered under Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare or CHIPS, our facilities will work with you to set up an installment plan for your treatment.

As the U.S. strives for accessible, more affordable, higher-quality health care, Nutex Health is constantly innovating to provide the best practices to our patients. We understand the frustrations that surround medical care, and we’re working hard to simplify billing processes, intake and treatment, ensuring a more comprehensive experience for you. And unlike some competitors, we’re building based on need, not just profitability.