Why Comfort Matters For Our Patients

Flickering florescent lights, hot, cramped waiting rooms and an indifferent, distracted medical team.

Traditional medical care can be a jarring and often unpleasant experience. You may feel reduced to a number, instead of being seen as a patient deserving of compassionate care. When you’re seriously ill or injured, the last thing you want to worry about is the professionalism of the hospital or emergency room you’re visiting.

At Nutex Health, we believe in the importance of creating a relaxing and personable ambiance for all of our patients. And through this belief, we’ve pioneered accessible, luxury medical care.

Providing highly trusted medical care is about more than just treating our patients and sending them home. Read on as we explain why the comfort of our patients is so important to Nutex Health and how we prioritize the satisfaction of everyone who comes to us for medical care.


Quality health care should be accessible and affordable.

At Nutex Health facilities, we’re equipped with state-of-the-art tools and imaging machines that aid our team in providing superior medical care. You don’t have to sacrifice quality medical care or deal with long wait times at our freestanding emergency rooms.

All of our freestanding ERs accept most private insurance plans, including Aetna, Humana and BlueCross. If your plan isn’t accepted, our team will make every effort to accommodate your financial situation and no patient will ever be refused treatment because of their inability to pay.


We prioritize the comfort of our patients.

From the moment you walk in to one of our freestanding emergency rooms, our staff and medical team is working diligently to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. This starts in our waiting rooms, where refreshments and separate play areas for children are provided. You’ll be treated and seen in a private suite where you and your loved ones can wait comfortably.

“We understand that patients who visit us are in a stressed emotional state so we strive to make our patients feel at home at our premises.” — Dr. Vo

We understand that for most patients, the most comforting place to be when you’re ill or injured is at home. With this in mind, our freestanding ERs feature dramatically reduced wait times. Patients are often seen, treated and sent home within thirty minutes.


Our team of physicians are highly trained and experienced in emergency medical care.

At Nutex Health, we understand being apprehensive about visiting a new medical facility. With our team of highly trained and experienced physicians, you’ll never need to worry about your health or the health of a loved one. No matter the severity of your ailment or injury, our administrative staff and medical team is ready to provide you with fast and individualized care.

Choosing where to go to receive medical treatment, especially in an emergency, can be stressful and confusing. Don’t settle for anything less than the medical treatment you and your loved ones deserve. Visit one of our concierge level medical facilities and experience the hospitality and unparalleled care from our physicians and staff.

Let us know your experience at one of our stand-alone ER centers. Nutex Health, Inc supports you and your family’s healthy living. Come visit us at our convenient locations in the state of Texas for any major or minor emergency! We can treat you promptly with our expert team of nurses and board certified ER doctors.